A Jersey City native who received her B.A. in English with a concentration in Creative Writing from William Paterson University in May 2013. She then continued to pursue her education right after, earning her M.A in Strategic Communications from Saint Peter’s University in May 2015.

Currently, she decided to take a leap of faith relocating to the Tampa Bay area of Florida. She was blessed to continue her career in higher education as a Career & Academic Advisor at a community state college.

Destiny gained interest to work in Career Development after her internship as the Career Development Public Relations Intern. As she was analyzing and strategically planning on how to promote the services of career development, she learned the skills and values that is needed to become a Career Advisor.  In 2014, she had the opportunity to actually work with students when she took an internship position in the Career Services office during her graduate term. That is when she realized she had the skills and prestigious passion to help students identify skills gaps, draw up action plans for employment and education, research careers options, and overall support and educate students in order for them to gain confidence to reach his/her goals.

During her leisure time, Destiny enjoys writing, reading, travelings, listening to music, and spending time with the people that matter the most to her. When she is not being an introvert, she likes to explore, socialize and dance the night away. She values God, family/friendship, loyalty, love, education, creativity, and adventure the most. 

Destiny believes her mission in life is to make a difference by telling HERstory and supporting others to create their own. Hence, the purpose of creating this site:

DESTINation to…

The purpose behind the name DESTINation to… is to discover ones destination through services and creativity. 

Sidenote: Make sure to click the title Career, Life, and Poetry FIRST to read the description. 

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What keeps Destinymarie going: “A long time ago, someone once showed me the meaning of my name. It said, “...for the desire of her heart causes a flame that can ignite so many other beautiful minds.” I believe my purpose in life is to make a difference, – as cliche as it may sound – I think my way of making a difference is through my writing, experience, creativity, and innovating skills.  I am determined to make a change in one community at a time. I am positive that if I just make an impact on just one person there will be a movement that will slowly arise. 

“My faith, ideation, and ambition are what keeps me going in this world, along with the support and encouragement from my friends and family. The ideas that I have in my head are remarkable and inspiring! I JUST cannot wait to share my projects with the world.”

One of my top love language is words of affirmation. I guess that is why I love quotes and books! I enjoy reading anything that allows my mind to explore & build ideas. The first quote I fell in love with was from C.S. Lewis. “Faith is the art of holding on to things in spite of your changing moods and circumstances.” Faith is the main reason why I continue live, why I continue to hold onto my passions, and why I continue to live life to the fullest no matter the obstacles that I face. Through faith I am able to visualize my dreams turn them into plans, one by one. 

In conclusion, Destiny or I should say Destinymarie is not an woman to give up once she starts something. She is destined to accomplish her DESTINY by branding her name in all of her upcoming projects. Just wait and see! She is that woman with ambition. As our former and BEST President once said: Make a change, BE THAT CHANGE!” – President Barack Obama