Snap, Crackle, POP!

I have witnessed a new ERA in my life,


were something new, something powerful,

something that I secretly desire from both of my lips

You  were  simply a surprise, you had snapped, CRACKled, and POPPED,

my mind to believe that the swirls between our sheets could have been a


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Red light

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You are my wrong, but you feel so right –it does not matter


You feed me lies, cause I eat them

right up.

Then hours later…spit.them.out!

You   were  right   for   me  before

but  now you are just that red light —

that continues to flash in my face,

reminding me of the past, flashing right into my present, but a warning that you not allowed in my future!


I want to create a scholarship on behalf of my mother Iris I. Alicea.  My mother was an incredible, no an EXTRAordinary woman who struggled to maintain a good stable life for her and her daughters. Lord knows how much I miss her, but because of her life, her legacy will live on! I want to establish an opportunity to help others! This might be my calling. Anything I do whether it is writing, community service, counseling, or presentations I manage to help someone.

So, instead of thinking so hard to figure out what is actually my passion and skills, I decided to face reality and see that creating any type of service to help the youth is my calling! My mother came up with an acronym for her name: I.Rise.I.Stand.© When she told me the reason behind it I fell in love! So in love, I made it my third tattoo. (I will be happy to share the meaning and purpose behind my mother’s name once I start working on the scholarship). 

I will be working on a few projects to make this scholarship happen. Please be on the look out and hopefully you all will support me. 


“You are hand picked by God and he knew what you could handle in life and career too. Because of you, your two sisters look up too and know that they could do it too. When I chose your name and that you will be the change in my life to many unknown in life and that why I name you Destiny. And you are far I could see you have taken your destiny in your own hand and built-up to who you are Today. Love you and very proud of you too.” – Mom 

Deadline: January 2018!

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