For a man to tell a woman that he wants to hang is a simple language to the male

for a woman to respond back to a man telling him she would accept as long as it is a date

is a simple existence in a woman’s world. 

HE states he is “down” but not trying to spend any money, so to “chill” in the house would

be better at that moment…

At that!?

BUT at that moment, the chill spot is YOUR house and at that moment that is

something you do not want to do

because the last time…at that moment he tried to lay in your bed stating AT THAT moment

he just wanted to chill…

But yet, BEFORE he came over to projected “I can’t spend money” to…


…seen on his SNAPCHAT of him popping $200 bottles saying “BALLLINGGG” 

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NOW at that moment…

you send me a friendly smile and say…

                                                …you are dismissed!

I can’t make this shit up!™

Note from writer: No this woman is not a goal digger, but she claims if a man cannot have the respect and courtesy to take a woman out when he claims he is into her but only wants to chill is just a waste of time. And no as women we are not saying to take us to a 5 star restaurant or spend SO MUCH money on us but simply just coming up with a better way to spend time with the girl you claim you are into rather than just chill. 

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Mr. Candidate

On resume, you were quite the candidate

the right candidate, so right I saved you on top of file for over a year 

Until YOU were ready to begin the job to 

meet me, date me, love me. 

The 1st interview was quite an interesting one. 

To the point, I gave you a probation period. 

But through it all the candidate, was SO FULL OF IT 

to claim to be the man you say you are, but the actions presented were all 

basic political buf·foon·er·y!

You talked, you talked, and you talked some more, so I learned to talk, and talk, and talk back.

However, there is one lesson that a man like you should learn that 

this is the year 2017, a woman is not a man’s servant….

                                            to only do as what the man say. 

You may be a good eye catch, you may have a way with your mouth

to a girl’s lower heart…

                                       But never to her soul. 

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Cinnamon Raisin Stuffed French Toast

The next morning 

Silva: Good morning, Robert. May I ask if you need something? 

Robert: And why would you ask, Little Miss. Smart Mouth?

Silva: Well you are standing in my doorway…so I thought you needed something.

Robert: Oh! I need a lot of things, little one. But I just came in to wake you up. (5 second pause) Why do YOU need my help?

Silva: (soft chuckle) You are funny. No I don’t. I’m fine. 

I rise up from my bed, Robert got closer to me from behind. I turned around not knowing what to do other than to hug him.  

Robert: Hmm…I think I should stop calling you little one. 

Silva: Why is that?

Robert: Cause look at you. You are not little anymore.

I sense he wanted to say more to me but by the look in his eyes, he caught himself and just decided to ask me something else. He always does that, so I am not surprised, it bothers me when he does that but what can I do?

Robert: What cooking lesson you want to learn today? (Put his hands on my shoulders)

Silva: I am not sure—but I want to do something different, something BIG! (Giggling)

Robert: Aren’t you the comedian today? Well I found a recipe online that looked interesting. We can try this out. (handing Silva the paper) cinnamon raisin stuffed french toast. I remember cooking this for you when you were two, and the look on your face was satisfying, so I assumed you liked it. 

Robert walked behind me. He was tall and muscular. It was a sight for anyone to see, even for me. I admired this man, he was a father that I never had. I tried to step away but my feet felt like they were stuck to the floor. (Silva flash back to hearing Robert heavy breathing – she closes her eyes and slowly whispers) “She didn’t know what to do—‘Cuz she missed her mother so, she was left alone with—her stepfather.”

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