Mr. Candidate

On resume, you were quite the candidate

the right candidate, so right I saved you on top of file for over a year 

Until YOU were ready to begin the job to 

meet me, date me, love me. 

The 1st interview was quite an interesting one. 

To the point, I gave you a probation period. 

But through it all the candidate, was SO FULL OF IT 

to claim to be the man you say you are, but the actions presented were all 

basic political buf·foon·er·y!

You talked, you talked, and you talked some more, so I learned to talk, and talk, and talk back.

However, there is one lesson that a man like you should learn that 

this is the year 2017, a woman is not a man’s servant….

                                            to only do as what the man say. 

You may be a good eye catch, you may have a way with your mouth

to a girl’s lower heart…

                                       But never to her soul. 

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