Wooden Soul

I am the boardwalk that sits across the New York skyline.

The one who desires relationship but only catches acquaintances.

I stand in a street name Exchange Place of hopeless dream Plaza, where I come across the road of Haborside impossibility.

I foresee my destiny but I choose not to speak of it, because if I do, my true perception of who I am—will splinter through my skin.

At night I am left alone as the clouds comes close together to darken up the sky.

The moon glows over me to reveal my scars that I have collected throughout the day by unapologetic fools.   

And then during the day, the sun would take over to reveal the wooden platform below me snapping into pieces.

The people that come across me day in and day out only admire my body of land for themselves. They do not see the beauty that I am nor do they acknowledge the strength I have gained.

Now, it is finally time, to see what those associates that came stumbling all over me would do without me.

I set myself free.

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The toxic river anticipates the time to devour the rest of my pride—which it knew I did not have.

I was a half breathing wooden stiff soul that is now being created as the midnight New York skyline.

Forever Crush

In her presence I choke up

to the point I can hear my gulping travel down in my body.

The chill of a December breeze on my face is too cliche to describe how I feel about her once I glance over to see her come close to me.

She needs to know my feeling about her eyes, her smile, her hair, her smell, her laugh, her overall beauty


what does it matter?

Since I am just a friend!

And a friend I will remain, because I know one day she will realize the man that she needs to be with

is standing beside her every single time she needs a laugh, a smile

Anything she needs she can get it from me.

But I am just a friend.

5 years later…

I am still just a friend. But this time I am a distant friend. Now, I have moved on.

Now, I am the one who is in love,

who has someone that loves me back.

But then that one day

I glance at an angelic ghost after all these years.

My heart revived again…

looking into her dark brown eyes,

seeing her beautiful sly smile, hearing my gulp going down into my body yet again the moment she said…Hi!

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