Are All Men the Same?

Close to my heart

that’s where I let you stay

but because of all the hurts and pain before you

I start to become afraid.

Afraid that you

my dear,

my smile is too good to be true.

That although I know my worth,

maybe I am just not good enough for you. 

You see the hurt and pain had relinquished out of me

when I gave you the key to my heart, 

I forgot to tell you to be cautious,

this home is a broken one.

Inside there is a little girl

who is seeking for love but is afraid that love does not want her back.

I mean love takes her

but then throws her back into the sea watching her drown 

but then visits once and blue to profess aloud I was a great catch! 

So really, are you really for me?

I know I can love but then my mind tells me

no, no, no my dear

He doesn’t love you!

Just simply  look at how your own father even abandoned you

So I admit

I am scared to fully love you

to love at all, 

and yet again I allowed myself to love you

because you make me happy 

But my mind is crazy

Better yet it’s not crazy

It just remembers all the hurt and pain

that won’t lay to rest.

To then always asking myself…are all men the same?

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