Welcome to I.R.I.S™ Enrichment Inc.

“I make Career Development fun!” – Destinymarie 

I have the passion and skill for career services. I’ve self-taught myself in improving resumes, creating helpful career resources for job correspondence, and enhancing my presentation skills for Professional/Personal branding workshops. I’ve been working in Career Services since 2013. 

My method is I teach and provide the essential materials that you need to know to then help yourself in your career path in the future. When revise resumes, I carefully pay attention to the content and format.  I create a resume that will best represent you to employers. 

Let me help you with:

  • Resume and cover letter writing
  • Professional/Personal branding consultation
  • Job Search
  • Interview preparation
  • School paper writing
  • Career/College talk
  • LinkedIn Profile support
  • Social Media marketing

Here are some brief client satisfaction comments:

As an incoming engineer student, one of the things I frequently stressed about was getting an internship to build experience and improve my resume. One of the things I noticed from Ms. Alicea was her willingness to help, her positive attitude, and her friendliness. The first thing she did was make a career profile for me on a website to get notifications on new job openings or news. As soon as we did that, we discussed what my goals were for the future and the reason I was coming to the career center. I explained to her that I felt the need to acquire an internship to build a decent resume, so that in the future, when I graduate college, finding a job will not be so difficult. Not only is she understanding, but she even went the extra mile in contacting her uncle who is an engineer to see if there were any openings in his job. Ms. Alicea demonstrated much care, more than any career counselor I’ve met. Ms. Alicea also improved my resume in a very big way, making major changes and taking off things that were not needed on my resume. I recently applied to a part time job as an engineer teacher at Fort Lee for the after-school program, and I was hired! – Miguel M. 

Ms. Destinymarie Alicea, she has impacted my life to a larger extent of what was expected of her. The most valuable lesson, she has taught me is the correct way to do time management. As a full-time student in an Associate in Fine Arts and employee time management was my biggest issue. She recommended getting a planner and together we organized both my educational and current job affairs for most efficient and effective schedules. By planning and building the schedule with me my lifestyle has improved dramatically. Without her aid, I would be making so many mistakes with my career plans jeopardizing my own self. I have now been able to time management by myself with her guides and just as effectively. This is all possible because I had a mentor who did not give up on me when I could not see pass the obstacles in front of me. – Tricia M. 

Destinymarie worked with me during a time when I needed help with creating an effective resume and tips for professional branding as a student. She thoroughly and patiently worked with me in acknowledging my skill and abilities that will help me in my field of study as a Social Work Major. Destinymarie provided me with invaluable guidance, advice and support which helped me accomplish my goal in receiving an internship opportunity I was applying for. Also, she made awareness of the resources that was important to succeed at college and with building my career pathway. Destinymarie shows a genuine commitment to serving all students through her dedication and creativeness in professional development. –Sarah S. 

First and foremost, I would like to say thank you for advising me with my resume and cover letter. Your tools and guidance has helped me to understand formatting, writing out key points/topics towards a specific job description and how to address an employer. I would like to inform you, I have recently been contacted by a few employers such as NJIT, CBS Sports, Source Communications and more. This is only the first step, Thank you again.  – Jamal F. 

Destiny assisted me with resume and cover letter building. In the summer I was applying for different organizations and their internship programs. After Destiny helped me with my resume and cover letter I was not only able to obtain the positions I applied for but I was also more comfortable with presenting my work skills, experiences and involvement as an undergraduate. Prior to her assistance, I was confused and lost on how to present myself to other agencies and organizations. She gave me the tools that encouraged me to become more confident. And for that I am thankful for her services! – Kassandra D. 

Not just another brilliant and precise Career Coach Freelancer but Destinymarie is also an inspiring and considerate person. When you really get to connect with her, you will find an amazing person with exceptional skills!. I have received compliments with my resume that she took her own time to help with. She devotes a lot of analytical capability and willingness for both her personal & professional development.- Matthew P. 

I am extremely grateful to have had Destinymarie revamp my resume. I have not only noticed more opportunities opening up for me, but recruiters reaching out to me as well as complimenting me on my impressive resume. The detail and elaboration Destinymarie has put into my resume has made me that much more confident in going out into the workforce. – Carynne H.M. 


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