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In DESTINation to the future, you get a chance to peek at images, quotes, random thoughts, or messages that will represent most of my goals that I WILL accomplish within weeks, months, and/or a year time-frame. Think of this section as a vision board! You will see anything from fitness & health journey, travel & activity plans, new locations, and career & personal missions! 

 “I like the person that you are…But I’m in love with the person that you have potential to be” – Wale

Life is too short! 14 years ago, I lost my grandmother. My first promised I made, to be the woman she wanted for me to become. Flash forward to August 2016 & then to March 2017, I lost two more IMPORTANT people in my life. My youngest uncle who was also my best friend and my mother who my world! Although they are gone, they are still EVERYTHING TO ME! THAT is when I realized I had to make something out of my life. They did not get a chance to live, so I am going to live for them. As I continue to grieve (or try to), I am learning that I have to do what makes me happy. Because that is what my three angels would want for me. 

Feel free to share any of your dreams that you want to accomplish by posting in the comment section. Lets us work together to accomplish our goals!

– Much love –DESTINation ♥

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